Vahan Tekeyan

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Vahan Tekeyan
Վահան Թէքէեան

Vahan Tekeyan, armenian stamp (2003)
Born January 21, 1878.
Constantinople, Ottoman Empire
Died April 4, 1945 (aged 67)
Cairo, Egypt
Occupation poet and public activist
Nationality Armenian
Notable work(s) “The Armenian Cathedral”, “A Prayer Before the Future”, “Your Memory Tonight”, “When the Day Finally Comes”, and “Your Name”

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Vahan Tekeyan (Armenian: Վահան Թէքէեան (January 21, 1878, Constantinople – April 4, 1945, Cairo) was an Armenian poet and public activist.


Tekeyan worked as a newspaper editor in Beirut and Cairo, a teacher, and a political and social activist.

He is regarded in Armenian literary circles as the “Prince of Armenian Poetry,” as his poetry, especially his sonnets, are unparalleled in Armenian literature. Tekeyan’s themes in poetry revolved mostly around love, such as compassionate love, love for one’s homeland, or love for humanity.

Some of Tekeyan’s finest poems include: “The Armenian Church”, “A Prayer on the Eve of Tomorrow,” “Your Memory Tonight,” “When the Day Finally Comes,” and “Your Name”.

Another Armenian intellectual and poet, Vahe Vahian, was heavily influenced by Vahan Tekeyan, from where his pen-name came from.

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